CHC51015 - Diploma of Counselling

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required to undertake generic counselling work involving skills and knowledge in counselling and high level communication in a range of commonly used modalities, referral and working within a case management framework.

You will gain competency in the following skills:

  • Develop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management
  • Recognise and respond to individuals at risk 
  • Work within a structured counselling framework 
  • Apply specialist interpersonal and counselling interview skills 
  • Facilitate the counselling relationship 
  • Apply personality and development theories 
  • Apply learning theories in counselling
  • Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client issues
  • Support clients in decision-making processes 
  • Apply legal and ethical responsibilities in counselling practice 
  • Reflect and improve upon counselling skills 
  • Determine suitability of client for counselling services 
  • Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers 
  • Contribute to WHS processes
  • Provide brief intervention
  • Apply somatic distress reduction techniques 
  • Work effectively with relationship issues 
  • Assess and respond to individuals at risk of suicide

Bridging unit 
Support individual health and emotional wellbeing


Course Details

The Diploma will run on one Saturday a month over approximately 14 months. 


If you want to gain a Nationally Accredited Qualification then this course is for you. 

It is comprehensive and practical, providing the necessary theory and skills to create a career in counselling. 

If you already have a degree in humanities or health this course also provides an excellent pathway towards a Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling. 

This course fills quickly.  You are welcome to contact us if you’d like more information, would like to register for the course or to discuss this further.  

Please contact Valerie or Marion on 8294 6559 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.