“TA 101” - an introduction to Transactional Analysis



The TA101 course encompasses the theoretical concepts of Transactional Analysis with practical and experiential learning. This course extends the learning and development of individuals.

A practical people skills course which is particularly useful in the workplace, relationships and life and is an excellent introduction to understanding self and others.

It provides a starting point and pathway and creates options on the Transactional Analysis journey.  For many people, this is a fast way to gain the practical people skills useful for everyday living.

The program incorporates 12 hours of training over 2 days.

It is competency based and a pre-requisite for entry into the Transactional Analysis Advanced program and the opportunity to apply for Regular Membership in the International Transactional Analysis Association and the Australian Transactional Analysis Association.

Many participants continue on to Certificate, Diploma, and Transactional Analysis Advanced training.

The Transactional Analysis Advanced training program is offered one Saturday a month over a 3 to 4 year period. Trainees complete competency based units leading to a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) certification.  They can enter at the start of a new unit, after completion of the TA101 or the completion of other TA based training.





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