Meet Valerie

Valerie Redman is a Registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Counsellor, and Supervisor, and the Director of the Redman Institute, a Registered Training Organisation.
She has an experiential background and knowledge of Psychotherapy, both in Australia and globally, and her qualifications include:

  • Master of Science in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy from Middlesex University London, UK
  • Bachelor of Education (Adult Education) from the University of South Australia
  • Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling
  • Internationally Certified Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst through the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA).

Transactional Analysis, Traumatic Stress, and Supervision
Valerie is President of the Australian Transactional Analysis Association (ATAA) and was a founding member of the Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ASTSS). She has been a provider of Advanced Transactional Analysis Training, and currently provides Supervision to a wide range of Transactional Analysis and healthcare practitioners. The Redman Institute still holds Nationally Accredited courses, including a Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling specialising in Transactional Analysis.

Private Practice
Her private practice includes working with individuals, couples, and families, and provides ReturnToWork and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for clients in organisations dealing with complex traumas and mental health issues.

Valerie’s passion is to have Psychotherapy recognised for the important role it plays in the support and healing of deep and complex trauma, and she has worked with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) over the last few years to develop and grow PACFA’s College of Psychology.