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Valerie Redman

Are you interested or want to change direction in your life, gain a professional qualification which could lead to a more interesting career or gain skills to use in your workplace or with family and friends?

The Redman Institute is a division of the well known training organisation, Redman Enterprises. Course programs focus on behavioural dynamics and the communication process that affect work, life and relationships.

Courses and programs are run throughout the year. Contact us for further details on programs or to ask how we can organise a course in your workplace.

Redman Enterprises is a Registered Training Organisation with the Australian Quality Training Framework.

CHC51015 - Diploma of Counselling

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required to undertake generic counselling work involving skills and knowledge in counselling and high level communication in a range of commonly used modalities, referral and working within a case management framework.

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CHC81015 - Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling

This qualification is for graduates who would like to add Counselling skills to their qualification. They may already be working in the area or wanting to extend their professional expertise to include a counselling role.

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The Redman Insititute offers Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for students who are interested in gaining a qualification through prior knowledge and experience.

RPL is the process by which your existing skills, knowledge and experience gained throughout your life, regardless of how they have been acquired, are recognised towards the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification or Statement of Attainment.

The process draws extensively on your experience in your respective industry or vocational area with an informed perspective of the specific work requirements within your normal duties.  To gain recognition for the competencies in a qualification, you are required to prepare a portfolio of evidence.  This will link a sound theoretical knowledge base with your competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate your own work.


Redman Institute currently offers RPL for the following qualifications:

       Diploma of Counselling - CHC51015

       Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling - CHC81015


If you are interested in pursuing a qualification and would like further information on the RPL process, please contact Marion or Valerie at the Redman Institute by phone on 8294 6559 or by email at