Clincal and Organisational Supervision

Supervision provides a regular protective time for facilitated, in depth reflection on clinical and work practice.
Supervision provides a professional space as our world becomes more demanding and organisations and professions move towards increased accountability.
As a Certified and Supervising Transactional Analyst, I provide a safe, supportive space and learning environment for the supervisee to reflect, discuss and explore the clinical or organisational work with their clients.

• Counsellors and Psychotherapists and:
o Individuals
o Groups
o Organisations
who provide a service or services in health, education, community and mental health settings.

Supervision is a place of trust where a healthy relationship gives me a safe place to acknowledge my clinical and work concerns, stresses, fears and joys.

Valerie regularly mentors executives and coaches managers and provides workplace and personal coaching. Three years ago she developed the highly successful course “Making Mentoring Work”.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Our aim is to:
• Provide you with executive coaching and mentoring so that you can ‘work, manage and lead smarter’ within your organisation.
• Work with you toward specific goals, with a clear focus over a period of time
• Increase your effectiveness within the organisation
We can do this by:
• Setting a flexible customised ongoing program initially for 1 – 3 months – depending on your needs and wants
• Reviewing this at various stages to evaluate the progress
The program will include:
The tools of Emotional Intelligence and Transactional Analysis and other tools that provide good people skills ; – these will be linked at all time to the
business process.
As the Coach/Mentor we offer structures and processes that provide:
• Feed.back and perceived effectiveness on the agreed goals
• A supportive environment and space to discuss current realities such as attitudes, beliefs, values, opportunities which relate to performance success
• Reflection and support to the learning and development to achieve desired results
Where: In the workplace, at an agreed venue, or at the Glenelg office
When: Preferably weekly – times can be negotiated
Cost: Negotiated with the client

The Benefits of Executive Coaching
Gain Interpersonal Skills
• Knowledge and insight into yourself and the organisation, which allows executives and managers to become more flexible and versatile
Have the ability to:
• Understand and deal with feelings appropriately to enhance work relationships
• Work through blockages and resistance to change
• Recognise and effectively manage stress
• Deal with personal and work place conflict
• Develop trusting relationships with clients and colleagues
• Use advanced communication skills – maximise verbal and non-verbal interactions, listen, give effective feedback, understand, predict and alter patterns of communication
Develop Competencies
• Improve Leadership style and competency
• Expand knowledge base of skills for career growth
• Clarify values, goals and choices for increased career satisfaction
• Enhance entrepreneurial skills
• Improve presentation skills
Have the ability to:
• Maximise goal setting, and prioritise and manage time efficiently
• Strategically plan and monitor projects more effectively
• Delegate well

She has presented at Family Business Australia (FBA) workshops, seminars and conferences and has led a Forum group of senior management personnel from leading family businesses within FBA South Australia.

For more information contact us.

Valerie provides a ‘ReturnToWorkSA’ service for a number of Government and Private Organisations supporting, encouraging, challenging and preparing clients for their successful return to the workplace.

A number of organisations choose Valerie’s service for their Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Please call Valerie at the office on 08 8294 6559
for further information.